About Our Association

Circulation Management

The Midwest Circulation Management Association changed its name from "Managers" to "Management" in March 1973, following an action of the general membership attending the annual convention in Oklahoma City. This rationale was based on offering an association membership to more of the circulation staff members at newspapers in the eight state area. This idea has paid good dividends. Our association continues to provide a network of management members of over 100 newspapers in the eight-state area of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

The membership has stayed at a healthy level of over 200 regular memberships plus many associate members and honorary members as well.

The association was organized in 1918 in Wichita, Kansas, its first annual convention site. Annual conferences in various cities within the eight states over the years have helped increase membership. MCMA membership is for the individual professional member. If the member transfers from one newspaper to another their membership goes with them. Notification by completing the News Tip form on the website and mailing to the Secretary is necessary for this action to be completed and the current change of address to be made.

The aim of this association is to provide a network for association members to discuss problems and solutions of the many challenges in the circulation departments of paid circulation newspapers.

Joseph B Forsee Distinguished Service Award

The Midwest Circulation Management Association's "Joseph B Forsee Distinguished Service Award" shall recognize a member, past or present, active or retired, who have made a significant impact to the circulation profession. The individual's unselfish dedication, leadership, knowledge, expertise, and dedication to his or her newspaper, state, region, nation or international level is outstanding.

This special merit award is named after Joseph B Forsee, who's distinguished circulation career began in the Midwest, with positions at several Midwest newspapers such as Columbia and St Joseph Missouri. He also served as Secretary/Treasurer and President of MCMA. He later joined the faculty of University of Missouri School of Journalism. He returned to business profession as the Business Manager of International Circulation Management Association and later became its Executive Director for many years. His life and influence touched countless lives in the circulation professional around the globe.

Dennis Cronin was awarded the "Joseph B Forsee Distinguished Service Award" in 2015 for his dedication to his newspaper, his staff, and to MCMA. Dennis has served on the Board of Directors as the Nebraska State Representative for many years during several different occasions. He has conducted and provided leadership for several committee assignments, such as education, carrier recognition, newspaper promotional awards, and Host Committee for conventions, to name a few. He has served in MCMA for over 20 years of his professional life, contributing greatly to our organization and its membership.

Excerpts from his staff and others in the profession who made comments on his nomination include these comments:

"Dennis started at the very bottom, as a part-timer doing down routes, and has built a solid reputation of service and dedication."

"He is not flashy nor splashy, just a solid performer you wanted to work with and for - always doing the best for the team and helping others learn and grow in our profession."

"He doesn't ask a fellow employee to do anything he would not do, or has not done, and can often be found assisting in the very "get your hands dirty" work of circulation departments. Noting it above or below him - he is there with you in the trenches daily."

"Dennis is a great supervisor and mentor. He is also sharing his knowledge and skills in a low-key and humble manner. Always teaching and assisting."

"most of his service to MCMA has been at his own expense. When the company could only afford to send one or two, Dennis would regularly pay his own way so others could join in and benefit from the educational and networking available through MCMA membership and conferences."